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Mark 1:1-15, What is the Good News?
Matthew 18:12-14, Why bother?
John 10:7-18, What do they get?
1 John 1:1-7, What do we get?
Matthew 28:16-20, What are our choices?

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Mark 1:1-15, What is the Good News? (2/6/12)

What’s “evangelism”?  You probably already know that it means, “sharing the good news.”  Today in Sunday School we were talking about how we would explain the nature of Jesus to unbelievers.  That may be an important question; however, it’s not where Jesus started in talking to unbelievers.  Where he started was with the good news:  The time is now!  God is near!  Repent, and believe in the good news!
Matthew 18:12-14, Why bother? (2/7/12)

Jesus told three parables about lost things:  a lost sheep, a lost coin, and a lost son.  The point of all three parables is the same:  God actively seeks out his lost children, and God rejoices when he finds them.  Keep in mind that you may be the tool that God needs to seek and find the lost.

John 10:7-18, What do they get? (2/8/12)

When you share the good news with others, what do they get out of it?  Salvation, yeah, yeah – but what does that mean?  It means the security of belonging to someone much more powerful than you are, who loves you enough to lay down his life to protect you.  It means being cared for by someone who knows who you are and loves you anyway.  Not just salvation from death, but salvation to life, abundant life, starting today – provided by the good shepherd, Jesus.

1 John 1:1-7, What do we get? (2/9/12)

Remember a couple weeks ago when we were talking about the body of Christ?  You can’t be a Christian all by yourself, because by definition you are part of a larger body.  John says, we, as one part of the body, can only have perfect joy when we share our experience with Jesus and God the Father with you, the other part of the body.

Christian fellowship is not optional.  We must be in fellowship with the Father, and with the Son, and with each other – and an important part of that fellowship is the sharing of what we have heard, seen, and touched of Jesus Christ in our own lives.  Only in that way can our joy be complete.

Matthew 28:16-20, What are our choices? (2/10/12)

“Disciple” means “student” as a noun or “teach” as a verb.  Although vs. 19 is often translated “make disciples [noun] of all nations, baptizing them…,” in Greek it uses a verb:  “disciple all the nations.”  The James Murdock New Testament gets this exactly right.

I always kind of understood this as a one-step process:  make disciples by baptizing them.  That’s wrong.  It’s a two-step process:  disciple [teach] them, then baptize them.  Since Jesus doesn’t make this optional, I suggest that we start by teaching them the good news of Jesus Christ. 

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