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Story 28. New Beginnings

Acts 10:1-23
Acts 10:24-48
1 Peter 2:4-17
1 Peter 2:18-25
Acts 15:1-22

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Acts 10:1-23 (4/1/13)

The first giant in the early Church was Peter. Peter’s preaching on Pentecost brought about 3000 Jewish converts into the church (Acts 2). Peter and John performed the first miracle in the Church (Acts 3). Peter was held in such high esteem by the people that they carried out any who were sick and laid them on cots at the side of the streets so that Peter’s shadow would fall on them! (Acts 5).

Today and tomorrow we’ll read about one of Peter’s greatest accomplishments: bringing Gentiles into the Church. Peter’s action is so important that the story is told again in Acts 11, and it is referred to in Acts 15. Before this time, all the Christians were Jews. The vision that God sent to Peter was the essential first step in bringing the Gospel to the Gentiles.

Acts 10:24-48 (4/2/13)

One point of special note in today’s reading is that the Holy Spirit came upon Cornelius and his family before they were baptized. After seeing the vision we read about yesterday and seeing that the Holy Spirit accepted these Gentiles, Peter felt compelled and justified in baptizing them into the Church. It is likely that no one other than Peter would have had the standing to do this – if you read on into Chapter 11, you’ll see that even he was questioned sharply about his actions.

1 Peter 2:4-17 (4/3/13)

We often fail to notice how many times the writers of the New Testament quote from the Old Testament – which was their only scripture! Peter wrote two letters to the Church at large, and he frequently cites the scripture as the basis for his instructions to them. I have added scripture references in brackets for you, although more than one reference would be applicable for much of what he says.

1 Peter 2:18-25 (4/4/13)

When a person is baptized in the United Methodist Church, the congregation vows that “with God’s help we will order our lives after the example of Christ.” One way I fail to do this is that I react badly when I am mistreated. Peter says that I should put up with mistreatment just as Christ did, because I am called to follow the example of Christ. Maybe I should try just a little harder this week to be kind and gracious – or at least quiet – when I am mistreated in some small way.

Acts 15:1-22 (4/5/13)

When Paul and Barnabas were in Antioch, some folks arrived from Judea to criticize their work among the Gentiles. This caused something of a crisis in the infant Church. On one side were people like Peter, Barnabas, and Paul, who recognized that the gospel was as true for the Gentiles as it was for the Jews. On the other side were the people (unnamed) who maintained that the gospel was only for Jews, and therefore Gentiles interested in the gospel must become Jews. Then came the big meeting we read about (in part) today. This meeting is now known as the Council of Jerusalem, and it took place around the year 50.

Now, the interesting point that I want you to notice in today’s reading is how differently Peter is regarded than Paul and Barnabas. What Barnabas and Paul mostly got was a lot of debate. Then Peter stood up to speak about the problem, reminding everyone not only that he was the first one to take the gospel to Gentiles, but also that we are all saved by grace. Suddenly the participants were willing to give Paul and Barnabas a respectful hearing.

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