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Comments on Job 1 to 3

Job 4:1-11; 5:8-17, Eliphaz speaks.
Job 6:1-14; 7:11-21, Job answers.
Job 8:1-22, Bildad speaks.
Job 9:1-18; 10:18-22, Job answers.
Job 11:1-20, Zophar speaks.

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Job 4:1-11; 5:8-17 (7/29/10)

Eliphaz speaks. The book of Job wrestles with the questions of why bad things happen to good people.  We have God's word for it, in the prologue, that Job is a good and blameless person whose faithfulness is being tested.  Job's friends don't know that, however.  They hold to the standard Deuteronomic position, which is good person = blessed person; bad person = cursed person.  They think that Job's suffering proves that he has committed a sin.  

After Job's "better off dead" speech, his friend Eliphaz speaks.  He says, "Job, you know that blameless people don't suffer.  God is rebuking you because there is something you need to correct.  You need to take this opportunity to get right with God."

Job 6:1-14; 7:11-21  (7/30/10) 

Job answers.    Job disagrees with Eliphaz, and he points out that he's not completely himself because he is so sick and grieved.  He says that whatever is going on, he needs support from his friends (which is a thought that we should all take to heart).  Job moves from cursing the day he was born to saying outright that he wishes God would let him die.  He also says that he is justified in his bitterness because God is unjustly causing his pain; in fact, he wonders whether God is harassing him just for something to do.

Job 8:1-22 (8/2/10)

Bildad speaks.    Who is the shortest person in the Bible?  Peter, who slept on his watch.  The second shortest is Bildad the Shuhite.   HAHAhahaha.   We now return to our regularly scheduled study tip.  

Job's friends stick to the orthodox teaching of the times:  blessed person = good person, cursed person = bad person.  Remember that Job has been accusing God of injustice.  Bildad says, "Does God pervert justice?  Do birds have lips?  No, Job, if you are suffering, somebody has sinned.  If it wasn't you, maybe it was your kids.  Confess and get right with God, and he'll reward you."

Job 9:1-18; 10:18-22 (8/3/10)

Job answers.   Job says to Bildad, "Right, right, right - I've heard all that before.  But the whole thing is very unfair, because God is the prosecutor, jury, and judge.  I know I'm innocent, but I don't have a chance, because he won't listen."  Then he starts complaining to God again.  

Vss. 21-22 are important.  At the time the book of Job was written, the Jews' concept was that the afterlife, called Sheol, was a shadowy place.  You were neither rewarded nor punished.  You neither enjoyed yourself nor suffered.  You got your rewards or punishments in the here and now, and Job's complaint is that he should be getting rewards for his innocence, not punishment.
Job 11:1-20 (8/4/10)

Zophar speaks.   The book of Job is 42 chapters long, and more than 39 chapters are devoted to monologues.  Job and his friends just sit there and talk at each other, without, as near as I can tell, a whole lot of listening.  Certainly no one changes his theological position in Chs. 3 - 37.  You've probably figured out by now that if I had written the book of Job, it would be a lot shorter - not as good, but shorter.  

Zophar says, "Jo-ob!  The reason God is prosecutor, jury, and judge is that he knows what's going on!  If you are suffering, it's because God knows you are a sinner.  Sign a confession, and he'll give you a pardon."    

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