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Job 22:1-11; 23:1-7, Eliphaz speaks a third time; Job answers.
Job 25:1-6, Bildad speaks a third time.
Job 26:1-4; 27:1-12, Job answers.
Job 27:13-23, Zophar (probably) speaks a third time.

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Job 22:1-11; 23:1-7 (8/16/10)

Eliphaz speaks a third time; Job answers. Every once in a while, one of Job's friends makes a good point.  In vss. 1-3, Eliphaz says to Job, "If you think you are so great, tell me how that helps God.  He doesn't need your help."  

Eliphaz's comment is four square with John Wesley's Articles of Religion No. XI.  John Wesley says in Article X that good works are "pleasing and acceptable to God in Christ, and spring out of a true and lively faith."  Wesley goes on to agree with Eliphaz, however, when he says that it is not possible to do more than you should:

Voluntary works - - besides, over and above God’s commandments - - which they call works of supererogation, cannot be taught without arrogancy and impiety. For by them men do declare that they do not only render unto God as much as they are bound to do, but that they do more for his sake than of bounden duty is required; whereas Christ saith plainly: When you have done all that is commanded you, say, we are unprofitable servants.*

Of course, at that point Eliphaz goes on to reiterate that Job is a sinner, as shown by his suffering.  He goes so far as to enumerate specific sins that we know for sure that Job has not committed, because God said back in 1:8 that Job always turns away from evil.  
* The reference is to Luke 17:7-10.

Job 25:1-6 (8/17/10)

Bildad speaks a third time.  Apparently Bildad is starting to wind down, because his last speech is only six brief verses.   He says, "God is awesome, but people are worthless."  At least he doesn't accuse Job of being more worthless than everybody else.  

Job 26:1-4; 27:1-12 (8/18/10)

Job answers.    People who don't like sarcasm shouldn't read the Bible.  Job says three things:
1.  "You guys are so smart - not! "
2.  "You want me to admit I'm guilty, but that would be a lie, and I won't do it."  (And remember, we know this is true.)
3.  "After everything you've seen, how on earth can you continue to maintain that bad people always suffer and good people never do?"  

Job 27:13-23 (8/19/10)

Zophar (probably) speaks a third time.    By now you have figured out that we are seeing a pattern in the speeches: So who do you suppose is next?  Right, Zophar, but the text doesn't say that Job has quit speaking and Zophar has started speaking.  We can say, however, that this bit today sure sounds a lot like Zophar, whose turn it is, and not a bit like Job.  Probably somewhere along the line, "Zophar said" got lost from the text. Or possibly the writer just assumed that we'd recognize Zophar's voice by now.  

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